Reviews Of Hire Like You Just Beat Cancer

“In order to achieve success in any endeavor, we need to identify and recruit great people to our team. Jim's book outlines how to interview and hire great people and how to build a great team.”

Chris Mooney
Men's Basketball Head Coach, University of Richmond



“Jim Roddy’s inspirational story is great motivation and strong advice for any executive with hiring responsibilities. You can start your journey to building the strongest team possible by reading this book.”

Pat Williams
Senior Vice President of the Orlando Magic
Author of Leadership Excellence


“This book is spot on. I highly recommend Hire Like You Just Beat Cancer and have added the book to my success library. Jim Roddy’s insight into the technical nature of hiring forces a discipline on managers with hiring responsibility to move beyond the short cut we call gut instinct. Jim also crystalizes the point that hiring the best people who also fit into the company culture are not mutually exclusive goals; they are essential to hiring and retaining employees for the long term.”

Steve Cuntz
President, BlueStar


“Jim Roddy’s book Hire Like You Just Beat Cancer is a practical, humanistic approach to hiring and building a dynamic and dedicated workforce. Jim’s perspective on the work/life balance is something most business books miss and can only be written by someone who has traveled the difficult and torturous path of cancer. This is a 5-star book that you won’t want to miss.”

Jeff Yelton
Executive Director and General Manager, North America Data Capture/POS division, Ingram Micro


“If you are responsible for hiring within your company, this is a must-read! If you are an executive that is responsible for hiring a hiring manager, this is a must read. It contains tons of practical information. The probing questions during an interview in this book are a huge value in the hiring process all by themselves. Over the years, our company has used a lot of what is documented in this book. It works!”

Dean Crotty
President, North Country Business Products

“Roddy speaks about the importance of hiring people with good character traits. I loved his list of 18 character points and will use them in my future hiring decisions.”

Jim Estill
Partner, Canrock Ventures
Founding Director of RIM

“Finally! Everything you have ever needed to know about hiring all in a single book. Our management team has been accumulating Jim’s Roddy’s HR materials from sessions at our industry association meetings, and now we can toss out all those unwieldy, tattered, and well-worn notes. But it is more than just a book on hiring. It is a philosophy on how to create sustainable corporate culture where excellence reigns and the bench is always filled with top talent.”

Brad Holaway
President, Copperstate Restaurant Technologies

“I found Hire Like You Just Beat Cancer to be a wonderful resource for anyone who wants to hire ‘smart.’ It packs a lot of good info – tips, techniques and best practices. It’s a blueprint for hiring the best then treating them right. I highly recommend it.”

Sharon Armstrong
Author of The Essential Performance Review Handbook, Stress-free Performance Appraisals and The Essential HR Handbook


“This book should be required reading for everyone who has responsibility for hiring. If you do not have a process for hiring top-tier talent, then implement these processes quickly. If you already have a policy, do your company a huge favor by comparing your interview process to Jim’s recommendations. Once you have implemented Jim’s policies or adjusted yours to follow his recommendations, your company’s employee productivity will increase greatly.”

David Callahan
Global Account Manager, Dell

Hire Like You Just Beat Cancer is a must-read for anyone responsible for hiring and managing people. Regardless of your experience, you can learn from Jim Roddy’s advice and proven strategies for recruiting, interviewing, and assembling a great team. Jim’s personal story also entertains and inspires!”

Matt Bresee
President, Erie Bayhawks – members of the NBA Development League


“Jim Roddy is passionate about improving organizational effectiveness and profitability. He takes the subjective and complex process of hiring and reduces it to a must-read set of objective and manageable steps that will enhance any leader’s ability to make better hiring decisions.”

Mark Olson
President, APG Cash Drawer


Hire Like You Just Beat Cancer should be mandatory training material for every hiring manager. Most hiring managers would balk at the idea of investing the time Jameson Publishing puts into the interview process, but the return on investment will be exponential and long-lasting. This book spells out how to identify the exceptional employees every company needs.”

Trevor Brooks
Senior Human Resources Representative, Exel

“With Hire Like You Just Beat Cancer, Jim has provided a compelling set of hiring best practices with a long list of relevant examples and pragmatic interview resources and tools. Jim’s plain-spoken writing style and openness in sharing candidate profiles, hiring successes and failures, and even his personal triumph over cancer all come together into a valuable resource that I will use to build better teams and hiring managers for the rest of my career.”

Jeff Riley
CEO, Dinerware

Hire Like You Just Beat Cancer is a must-have for anyone who ever conducts an interview. Jim Roddy provides details of his experiences in the hiring process, and it is experience which is the best way to learn. I continue to reference it before every interview.”

Jason Cowan
President, Spark Solutions Group


Hire Like You Just Beat Cancer reinvigorated my dedication to the hiring process and my excitement around getting the best person in the position. Jim Roddy’s use of storytelling allows the reader to easily connect to the points being made. Hiring and retaining quality associates is something every business manager faces, and this book provides a quality playbook to solving this very real problem. The combination of strong advice plus Jim’s entertaining presentation makes this book an interesting read. This book is relevant for companies of all sizes and for all levels of hiring.”

Justin Scopaz
Sr. Director, Worldwide Distribution, Juniper Networks


“This book is a real-world reminder of the trials that people face and how they affect businesses every day. This inspirational story will help you make better and more effective hiring decisions each and every time.”

Will Atkinson
President, CAP Software


“Jim’s commentary and ideas will provide you with the reasons for hiring the right employees for your team and provide you with some great ideas to help you bring the best people into your organization. This book is a must-read if you want to hire employees who make your business world-class.”

Joe Finizio
Chief Operating Officer,


In Hire Like You Just Beat Cancer, Jim Roddy blends wisdom and experience with humor while he walks you through the battle to hire the best fit for your job and your company. His focus on the behavioral style of interviewing and all of the great examples will help hiring managers focus on what’s really important when making hiring decisions.”

Stella LaPaglia, SPHR
AVP/HR Manager


“One of the biggest struggles in business today is building the right mix of individuals and getting them to function as a team. Jim Roddy sheds light on how to approach hiring effectively and get the best results.”

John Giles
President/CEO, Future POS


“A textbook of interviewing. We spend more time with our co-workers every day than we do our spouse, yet only spend an hour or so getting to know if we want to spend our work day with these new employees. Hire Like You Just Beat Cancer is a thought-provoking tool to change your hiring practices for the improvement of your business and bring on new team members that will fit your company culture. We just used many of the ideas in this book for a recent hire and feel more secure about our latest decision than most past hires.”

Dale Seefeldt
President, Tulsa Cash Register

“Nothing drives success of a business better than a dedicated team of qualified, driven individuals. In his book Hire Like You Just Beat Cancer, Jim Roddy gives priceless guidance on how to identify, recruit, and retain the best talent to help your company achieve and exceed its goals.”

David Gosman
CEO, PC America
CEO, SNAP Services

“Jim Roddy does not want to waste time given a full cancer recovery. He applies this pragmatic intensity to this very real and down-to-earth book on hiring tips. The book offers hiring managers and HR professionals specific words to use and actions to take to get the filter and hire the right person. The book is pragmatic, experienced-based, and relevant.”

Dave Ulrich
Professor, Ross School of Business, University of Michigan
Partner, The RBL Group